You need Fire to Become a Professional Speaker

Do you want to learn how to be on fire as a speaker and become a professional speaker? I like to Burn candles. 

You’ll be amazed at what candles can do! Candles create such atmosphere and beauty instantly. These little flickering flames can change my mood.We have a picnic table on our back patio where, on many evenings, Tanya and I relax, play cards, and listen to Pavarotti. We watch the radiant California sun setting in the distance. And you can bet on it – the candles are burning! I travel a lot, as you may have guessed. Even on the road, some candles and nice music can turn even the most drab hotel room into a glowing retreat center. You can gaze at a candle and see it as a metaphor for your own “life torch.” A candle is luminous only when it’s burning…and so are you. When you become a professional speaker you have the royal opportunity to light a flame in a audience each time a speak. As a professional speaker I get to bring some truth and light up new thoughts and possibilities for the company when I stand to the microphone. I’m humbled by this thought and everyone who’s thinking of becoming a professional speaker should consider it sacred. For me as a professional speaker the following quotes summarize my thoughts here in this post.

“There isn’t enough darkness in all the world

to snuff out the light of one little candle.”

– Author unknown

“How far that little candle throws his beams!

So shines a good deed in a weary world.”

– William Shakespeare

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Loving your Professional Speaking Job

“There are two great moments in a person’s life:
the first is when you are born; the second is when
you discover why you were born.”
– Author unknown

I had not always known that I was suppose to become a professional speaker. It became clear to me in my early 30’s that I had this “calling” or gift inside that wanted to speak and impact people’s lives for good. I did not know it was to be a motivational speaker at first but I knew it had to do with a becoming a speaker of some kind.
Did you ever notice how close design and destiny are? Your destiny is not just something that happens to you. You are its designer with interior motives.
I remember a time in my life when I was a marketer for a physician recruiting company. I was making more money than ever before, yet something was missing. I was reluctant
to change careers because I was over 40 years old, with daughters soon to be in college. For two more years I continued, trying to ignore the nagging of my conscience,
“Are you sure this is your calling? Is this what you were born to do?” When I could no longer ignore my spirit, I chose to pursue my passion. I wanted to have a motivational speaking career. That decision included giving up a steady salary and insurance benefits. That first year I made less than half of the prior year. Some of my friends questioned my choice. Even I questioned my choice.

Within two years, all that had changed. Today, I am living my dream. Both of my daughters are in
college. My work is “on purpose.” And I no longer haunting cries of a displaced spirit. When a man does not know what harbor he is making for,no wind is the right wind.”– Seneca
Here is a good exercise for personal growth. Ask yourself, “Why am I here?” Listen to your answer and take action. If you are ready to become a motivational speaker then attend our motivational speaker training course.

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Professional Speaker

December 5, 2008 by admin · 3 Comments
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 In his Motivational Speaking career, Jim, always dreamed of speaking to large corporate audiences.

He always dreamed and hoped to be an author and to own his own company. He has accomplished both of those lofty goals. I recently sat down to interview James, at a recent speaking event at the Point Clear Resort outside of Mobile, Alabama. I asked him what public speaking opportunities would be next and about some goals he had for 2009, he said, “My immediate goal is to launch my new book, which I’m very excited about, in the 1st quarter of 2009″. With a gleam in his eye he spoke with passion about the content of his new book, he said: “The title of this book is ‘Life’s 3 Burning Questions’ that is, if the publisher doesn’t change it” he said with a chuckle. “This will also be my newest professional speech next year that I can’t wait to deliver.” He would not let me in on the secret 3 questions but I’m guessing this will be a deeply reflective kind of speech.

I’ve had the opportunity to hear James as professional speaker on several occasions and I have to say he has a rare and gifted way of connected with every person in the audience. I often hear people say “I felt like this professional speaker was talking directly to me” after he delivers his signature riveting professional keynote speeches. The people who were sitting near me jumped out of their seats to give him a standing ovation not unlike what you’d see after and NFL touchdown. That is what audiences all over the world have come to expect from motivational speaker - James Lloyd.

By: Ron Clendenin

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Professional Speaking Jobs and Friends

I have had a very successful professional speaking career but without close friends there really is no success in life is there? I love this quote by Luciano de Crescenzo “We are each of us angels, with only one wing. So we can only fly embracing one another.” It takes dedication to keep in touch with my friends. In all my professional speaking jobs I get to  travel thousands of miles each year. I’m blown away that I get to have a motivational speaking career and do motivational speaker training!

Even as I write this, I feel my torch burn more brilliantly. Make new friends and nurture the old ones. Return that phone call, or better yet, initiate the phone call! Always embrace these sacred bonds. I’m blessed with awesome friends:
•  Charlie, in Denver. He is so encouraging, and he also
taught me to live life with a positive attitude.
•  Carl, in Raleigh. We played college football together
and now trust our deepest secrets with one another.
•  Tamara, in San Diego. Being a Wake Forest Alumni,
I never thought I would love a graduate from the
University of North Carolina, but this woman has had
a monumental impact in my life.
•  Ron, in Atlanta. He is my mentor in the challenging
arenas of integrity, perseverance, and fitness.
•  Suzie, my sister, in Concord. She and I share wonderful laughter. I cherish building  a history with someone and developing a true friendship.

I’ve found that when I want to get together with someone, it works best when we’re specific about the details. Instead of “Let’s get together soon,” how about “Let’s see a movie this Saturday afternoon.” And by all means, get up from your desk at work and go chat with someone for five minutes.  It might be the best part of your day – and theirs! And that co-worker might just become a friend. I like the way Horace Bruns puts it:  “Friends are treasures.” You can’t really be successful in becoming a professional speaker without lots of friends.

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